Carpet Cleaning London

A Support Service Company often requires the use of carpet cleaning services.  For carpet cleaning london we use the services of an eco friendly company who offer us domestic carpet cleaning, office carpet cleaning and general carpet cleaning.   We use them for a variety of reasons but the main factor is that they provide a reliable, quality service.  Having worked in the industry for a decade we have came across many companies that fail to deliver.

One of the biggest problems we’ve came across is people who don’t know, often because they’ve been given very little training, what they’re doing.  By this I mean operators who don’t know how to do the basics of a task we’ve hired them to do.  if they’ve been asked to clean carpets the they should know how to identify the carpet type.  There are different methods and cleaning solutions depending on whether it’s a wool carpet or a synthetic one.  Failing to correctly identify properly can lead to poor outcomes.

A good carpet cleaning technician will know which cleaning solutions to apply to a wool carpet for example.  If they choose to use a solution which is very strong they run the risk of damaging the carpet.  This can happen if they fail to follow the correct procedure.  From the perspective of a support services provider the biggest problem is the carpet becoming dirty again quickly after it’s been cleaned.  This is called re-soiling and can happen when the wrong solutions are used on carpets.andard

Another issue is the technician choosing the wrong method of cleaning.  For most domestic carpets it’s standard procedure to use the hot water extraction method, often called steam cleaning, to give a good deep clean.  When it comes to office carpets things are different.  Offices tend to have carpet tiles that have a very short pile, often synthetic, with a rubber type backing.  Steam cleaning is not the most appropriate method for cleaning these.  Although some people will argue it is we believe that a low moisture method is the best method to go for.

A low method approach is best for a variety of reasons.  For starters it is quicker and therefore more economical.  This is a very important factor in an era where savings are at the top of the agenda for service providers.  Using low moisture methods for carpet cleaning London offices makes sense because the area can be cleaned in about a quarter of the time it takes to clean using traditional methods like steam cleaning.  Remember that offices can cover thousands of square meters so the savings can be significant.

Low moisture is the best way to go for the simple reason that it uses less water.  This is crucial because too much moisture in an enclosed office environment is not a good idea due to the high amount of I.T systems in modern offices.  Too much moisture in the air can seriously damage these systems which can pose a significant problem to most businesses.

So far we’ve only covered a fraction of the issues of importance when it comes to hiring a cleaning company to carry out support services.  The topic is broad and we’ll come back to it in more detail in our next blog post.